Sometimes I have a dream that won’t leave me.  I’ve been carrying this one around for a few days.  Please be wary of any possible triggers.

I’m in a crowded room, in my pajamas, about to watch a movie.  It’s like a convention and a sleep over rolled into one.  I notice this blond haired older guy (maybe in his 3os or 40s) looking at me.  He has a tussled haired look about him.  He seems to be always staring at me.  I am with my friends at the front of the room all snuggled in a blanket, and the man comes over, and spoons me from behind.  I am upset by this.  I am saying no, please, and I am crying softly.  His hands are roaming but nothing overtly sexual happens.  My friends are watching us, and it seems to me like they’re trying to decide if they should mind their own business and the movie or jump in.  At one point someone stands up as if to say something but the man stops.  I then turn into him for comfort and begin to sob into his chest.

I hate this dream.  I’m hoping that by writing it out I will stop remembering it at odd times of the day.


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