Joe Paterno can kiss my ass.  That’s all, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Humph!

  1. Thank you! I totally agree.

    I have been going around in a huge anger because there are so many people on national news shows and online and people who knew him saying things that excuse his complicit and enabling sexual abuse of children. You can’t deny what he did. Fuck yeah I can deny what he did that others think was good. He allowed little boys to be in the hands of a child rapists. I won’t deny that. Nothing can excuse or cover that over or make up for that.

    They act as though the scandal, recent, was the amount of time he hid a child sex offender and allowed the sexual abuses of children to continue. No, the scandal was recent, he was aware of this years and years ago and did nothing. They are saying he became aware of how serious it was. No, he denied it for years and then when anyone should have groveled and begged the victims for forgiveness and quit his job, he decided he had nothing to ask forgiveness for and tried to tell the world he had a right to decide when and how he was going to quit his job.

    He can kiss my ass while he burns in hell.


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