A question for survivors with DID

I am new (fairly) to understanding my system.  I have no names door my parts. How did yours get names?  Did they reveal themselves?  Did you name them for clarity’s sake?  Sometimes I’m so confused. I have a lot of co-consciousness. Sometimes I think that makes it muddier.  


2 thoughts on “A question for survivors with DID

  1. Hi,

    A lot of them had names and when they let me know them I would ask them. Some of them didn’t have names and I encouraged them to find a name that suited them. Some had names that were more of a description of them than anything else and those I actively encourage to find a real person’s name for themselves because I believed that it would help in healing and in finding their way and their likes and dislikes. A lot of them were inside people and some still are, but they watch what does on outside or they can. We made a collage and each part picked out a picture of someone that they felt they looked like. We still have it. It helped a lot for me to figure things out because we do a lot of co-consciousness stuff too and they can just blend into the background if I don’t pay attention, which I don’t do enough of.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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