Summer Reading List From BusBoys and Poets

A great summer reading list from a blog I follow. I’ll be getting on some of them right away!

Shapeshifters: Living With Dissociation

BusBoys and Poets

After I remembered the sexual abuse in my family, and as I get older, I’m triggered by books that have sex or violence.  I don’t know how I ever read them in the first place; I read The Shining, Helter Skelter, The Stand, a biography of Adolph Hitler, etc. Don’t ask why. It was probably because the books reminded me of my parents.

I’ve read two of the books on this list: The Big Sea and Malcolm X.  Hughes’s book has a fair amount of  history in it. Malcolm X was a little too academic for me, but I did learn Malcolm X wasn’t who I thought. He definitely wasn’t. The man…you’ll have to read it yourself. I own Things Fall Apart and The Dewbreaker and plan  to read them eventually.

I hope you enjoy the list. I love lists.


A Confederacy of…

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