Grateful today

Someone posted a comment congratulating me for taking care of my body – and I realize that I don’t do that as much as I probably should.  Today I had a root canal that I’ve been putting off for a long time.  Dentists terrify me.  I have never had nothing but nice dentists, and as soon as the experience is over I am grateful and chide myself for having stayed away so long.  While I am there, however, I am in a state of panic because I am plastered to a chair with someone in my mouth.  This endodontist worked out a hand signal for me to use when I needed to come up for air.  I am grateful for him.  I am also grateful for the friend who suggested writing “trauma survivor” in the “other” slot under medical history, as well as the friend who pointed out to me that taking care of my body is a good thing.  It inspired me to set that appointment!


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