I can see clearly now the rain has gone…

Wow, so that was an intense 48 hours.  Just a shout out to indicate I’m ok.  I did some major self care today.  I got fingers and toes done for a fancy wedding coming up this weekend, and it included tons of massages.

Sometimes massages can trigger me – especially in a  nail salon.  They can feel out of place, and forced on me.  But today was nice. The women were soothing and they always asked before they touched me.  There was a lot of reframing the self talk in my head, but it got easier, and I relaxed into it.

I’m grateful for days like the last two, followed by days like today because they prove to me that recovery is possible as long as I soldier on.

Speaking of that – Thank you to all the veterans and current soldiers who are or have protected me.  I am sorry that your job brings so much pain and suffering to you.  You are heroes.


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